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Let me tell you about HeartMath and the amazing work they are doing.  They have spent decades studying the heart, physically, emotionally and spiritually and they have discovered that it holds the key to increased fulfillment and success and better health.  They have developed a comprehensive system of techniques, innovative concepts and technology all underpinned with scientific research.

HeartMath works with thousands of people around the world providing training for Fortune 100 companies, large health care institutions and individuals in a variety of fields including education, sports, health, and personal development.  Their research has been published in many peer reviewed journals and featured extensively in the national media.

HeartMath research focuses on the fact that the heart at the physical level does more than pump blood.  Signals coming from the heart influence the brain and the rest of the body.  These signals impact brain function and our emotional experiences.  The heart sends this essential information in several ways.

The heart actually has its own complex nervous system and is studied in the field of neuro-cardiology.  This nervous system sends information to the brain through a nerve pathway that originates in the heart and travels all the the way to the higher brain centers.  Another way the heart communicates is through changes in the blood pressure waves produced by the beating heart.  The heart also sends information through hormones produced in the heart. and, the heart communicates by way of the electromagnetic energy field it generates.  This field radiates outside the body up to 3 to 4 feet and surrounds us in 360 degrees.  Science is now beginning to understand how these fields produced by all living systems affect one another and the planet itself.  What's important is all of the body's systems synchronize to changes in the heart and how we feel.  Our emotions have a profound impact on what the heart communicates.

When the heart's communication is clear and ordered we enter a state of coherence.  Simply stated coherence happens when all of our systems are synchronized and working together harmoniously -- heart, brain, hormonal, immune, respiration, etc.  Coherence is a high performance state where less energy is being wasted.  In this state we become very aware.  It's a physiological state accompanied by sustained positive emotions like appreciation, care, compassion and love.  You can get into coherence with meditation and prayer as well as with the HeartMath techniques.  However, with HeartMath's coherence building tools you don't have to wait until you can be alone or relaxed or withdrawn from daily activities to experience coherence.  You can get coherent, right in the middle of your day.... any time, any place you want to be in this more efficient and perceptive state.

Coherence can be measured by looking at the subtle beat-to-beat changes in heart rhythms by observing what is called heart rate variability. While movement and talking can change heart rhythms, there is another important influence on these rhythms--our emotions--how we feel.

Here (on Slide #7) you can see how the heart speeds up and slows down a lot in just a short period of time and what happens with two different emotions.  In the top trace this person recalled a feeling of frustration and resulted in a chaotic wave.  This chaotic pattern typically happens when we are stressed and less than optimal and has an effect on our health and mental functioning.  The bottom trace is a picture of coherence and occurred when this same person recalled a feeling of appreciation.  As you can see, the heart is now speeding up and slowing down in a smooth and ordered fashion.  This type of heart rhythm, called coherence, is healthy, regenerative and has a positive influence on the brain.  These changes in heart rhythms impact hormonal and immune system responses as well as the nervous system.  They also cascade up into the brain influencing how it functions.  Chaotic rhythms shut down the brain's higher perception centers.  Coherent heart rhythms help facilitate brain function enabling us to think more clearly, widen our perspective, make better decisions and communicate better.

So, simply stated our heart rhythms are an indicator owhen we are in sync or out of sync.  Being in sync more often is a key to better health, improved performance and enjoyment in all of the things we do in our lives.

HeartMath's emWave technology measures heart rhythms and scores them according to the level of coherence.  The emWave Desktop turns your computer into a heart rhythm monitor and Inner Balance is an Application for your phone.  Call me at 302-678-1160 or email me at for more information about the technology.

People around the world, from every walk of life have discovered the many benefits of the HeartMath system.  Slide #11 shows some amazing, statically significant results.  This data is a composite taken from 1500 surveys with employees from a variety of organizations and shows you some of the benefits, you can achieve with HeartMath's Coherence Building Systems and Coaching Programs.

I have been trained and am licensed by HeartMath to teach individuals these skills in a very personalized program that can enable you to experience more balance in your life, feel better, perform better, reduce your stress and become healthier and more resilient. 

I offer you a learning program that combines instruction with personalized coaching and in this program you would receive:

Your own personal HeartMath Coach

  •     --Customized instruction
  •     --Fits into your busy schedule
  •     --In the comfort of your home
  • Workbook
  •     --Special focus on your goals
  • Innovative award-winning emWave Technology

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