QUESTION:  How does your Coaching Sessions work"?

ANSWER:  It works by teaching you how to change how your body reacts to stress.

QUESTION:  How long does it take to be able to do this?

ANSWER:  It's more a function of sincere practice than it is time.  I have seen people able to change their pattern by the end of the training.  Just last week when a client was experiencing her last session, and was elegantly mastering one of the tools that connected her with her deeper heart, she became excited and received information that she said "blew her away"....  she became aware of why she had "attracted" so many difficult, hurtful people into her life producing a roller coaster of ongoing chaos.  She now knows how practicing the tools can help her rise above her emotional reactions and make different choices in her life that will  bring more harmony, joy and fulfillment.

QUESTION:  How is this different from other stress techniques?

ANSWER: Most others focus on a form of relaxation.  That's why most people don't use them;  they don't have time to relax.  My HeartMath Coaching system is designed to be used whether you are relaxed or in the middle of code blue.

 One client came to me when her stress level was literally over the top with four members of her six-member family dealing with major illnesses. At the end of the program she said, " Even though the outer situations in my life have not changed I now use my tools and find I am quickly able  to return to an inner place with more balance and harmony.  I now experience a great sense of well-being than I have ever known in my life.  I know how to manage and reduce my stress, improve my health and have more compassion and patience with other people as they meet their challenges in these times of great change.  This wonderful Voyage to Heart Intelligence program has been truly a life changing experience for me."

QUESTION:  How do begin?  What is the cost of a Coaching Program?

ANSWER:  It is  best to call me at 302-678-1160 or email me at and schedule an appointment for a FREE Consultation so I can match you to the program that is best for you.  Most Coaching Programs consist of 4 one hour sessions on the telephone.  All of the coaching programs are designed for telephone or Skype (best to use audio not video) sessions.  When registering for a Program a fee of $195.00 is due for workbooks and setting up.   A Fee of $75.00 is due before each of the 4 one hour sessions.  Some programs are shorter and less expensive and consisting of 2 or 3 sessions instead of 4.  Some people add technology items or additional books to their orders and that is an additional charge.  What is recommended will  be discussed at your FREE Consultation and then you will decided what is right for you.  There are many options.  Payment can  be made by personal check or I will send you an invoice through Paypal and you then choose your method of payment.

QUESTION: I am interested in reducing stress.  Do you have a program designed primarily to reduce stress?

ANSWER: Yes, our Stress Relief Program is designed just for that.  We alsohave other Programs focusing on a specific need.

Our Stress Relief Program

  • BECOME more aware of when you are stress
  • DISCOVER your personal stress triggers and eliminate them
  • BALANCE your mind, emotions and body quickly

Our Revitalize You Program 

  • REDUCE your stress and fatigue
  • ​INCREASE your vitality
  • BOOST your overall sense of well-being
  • ENHANCE your ability to think clearly and make good decisions under pressure

​Our Zone Performance Program--for Athletes

  • INCREASE your endurance
  • IMPROVE Syour coordination
  • ​ENHANCE your ability to think clearly and make good decisions under pressure
  • INCREASE your confidence and optimism
  • BOOST your overall sense of well-being

​Our Personal Journey to Health Program

  • REDUCE the negative impact stress has on your life
  • IMPROVE your health and overall sense of well-being
  • FEEL better more often

​Our Strategies for Coherent Performance Program

  • ACHIEVE focused clarity and sustain peak performance
  • OPEN blocks to creativity and think outside the box
  • LISTEN and communicate more effectively​

​Our Voyage to Heart Intelligence

  • START living the life you really want
  • IMPROVE your health, performance and relationships
  • FEEL better more often

QUESTION:  Do you have Programs for children and teens?

ANSWER:  Yes we do.  For children and teens we have resources to assist you and your children in making positive, intelligent choices with wisdom and emotional balance needed to meet today's challenges and can include:

  • Wild Ride to the Heart Game
  • Interactive Learning Programs, Grades 9-12 and above
  • Interactive Learning Programs, Grades 6-8
  • College De-stress Handbook
  • TESTEDGE Grades 9-12 Teacher's Kit and Workbook
  • TESTEDGE Grades 6-8 Teacher's Kit and Workbook
  • TESTEDGE Grades 3-5 Teacher's Kit and Workbook
  • Heart Songs for young children
  • ​and much more.......

For more information about Programs, Resources and Technology call me at 302-678-1160 or contact me by email.

Much Gratitude and Care

June Schamp, B.Sc., BHS

Licensed HeartMath Coach

HeartMastery Consultant


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