June Schamp, B.Sc., B.H.S.

Licensed HeartMath Coach

​HeartMastery Consultant

.  As a The first time I learned about HeartMath was while reading a book written by Gregg Braden.  I was impressed when he mentioned how effective the HeartMath tools were and how technology HeartMath offered shows how practicing the tools could change a person's heart rate change from a  chaotic incoherent state to a smooth, sine-like, coherent wave....in real time.   
Finally, about a year later I while reading about it again in another of Gregg Braden's books I decided to research more and ended up taking Voyage to Heart's Intelligence Program.  I have for many years been interested in ways  to help myself and other's ease the discomforts most people experience while living their lives.  I had often struggled with "out of control" feelings that trapped me on a merry-go-round of negative thinking and anxiety.  When I learned that my heart's intelligence is the flow of higher awareness, wisdom and intuition we experience when the mind and emotions are brought into a synchronistic alignment with the heart I knew I wanted to to learn more.  At the time I often experienced a flow of higher awareness, but was not able to connect with it at will or stop the ruminating of negative thoughts at will.  It seemed as if my mind was running my life with thoughts that I really knew was not true, but was unable to stop the stressful feelings that those thoughts created in body and mind.  The promise of HeartMath's Program was that with regular practice I could experience less stress and a deeper sense of purpose in my world as well as more vibrant health and more satisfying relationships.
At the end of a month of regular practice and "doing the work" in my workbook that is part of the Voyage to Hearts Intelligence I did experience benefits that were truly life changing.  The tools are easy to use and and with practice I was able to experience more control of my thoughts and reduce anxiety and energy drains.  
My awareness expanded as I moved through the course and I loved the new science research results that was so fascinating and lead me to want to know more.

over the past twenty years, scientists have discovered new information about the heart that makes us realize it's far more complex than we'd ever imagined.  We now have scientific evidence that the heart sends us emotional and intuitive signals to help govern our lives. 

Instead of simply pumping bloom, it directs and aligns many systems in the body so that they can function in harmony with one another.  And, although the heart is in constant communication with the brain, we now know that it makes many of its own decisions.

New discoveries now reveal that within each of us there exists an organizing and central intelligence that can lift us beyond our problems and into a new experience of fulfillment even in the midst of chaos.  It's a high speed, intuitive source of wisdom and clear perceptions, an intelligence that embraces and fosters both mental and emotional intelligence.  We all it heart intelligence.

Heart intelligence is the intelligent flow of awareness and insight that we experience once the mind and emotions are brought into balance and coherence through a self=initiated process.  This form of intelligence is experienced as direct, intuitive knowing that manifests in thoughts and emotions that are beneficial for ourselves and others.

​excerpted from The HeartMath Solution

Learning tools that have helped me develop a self-initiated  process to tap into my heart's intelligence and has helped me live a more heart-directed life.  My coach helped me stay the course at a pace that was right for me and offered self-refliective questions, insightful information, practical and effective tools which I now can share with you.
I have been on a spiritual and personal development path for over 25 years and have absorbed knowledge and experiences from many wise teachers and mentors all of whom were pointing me to connect with the love in my heart.  But none were able to assist me awaken my heart's intelligence, harness that intelligence and use in my every day life to make a profound different as much as HeartMath's Voyage to Hearts Intelligence Program with its wonderful tools that can work for everyone..  HeartMath uses a language and easy tools that are elegant, yet simple to understand and use.  As a result I am now able to navigate my challenging situations in my life with greater ease and resilience.  I have reduced anxiety and stress, my relationship with my husband is more satisfying and I feel a deeper sense of purpose and contribution in my life and can now sustain more of my energy for what matters most to me.  I feel a wonderful feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction now as I help others change their lives too'

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Quick Coherence® Technique

  1. 1.  Heart Focus.  Shift your attention to the area of your heart and breathe slowly and deeply.
  2. 2.  Heart-Focused Breathing.  Keep your focus in your heart  by gently breathing -- 5 seconds in and five seconds out --through your heart. Do this two or three times.
  3. 3.  Heart Feeling.  Activate and sustain a genuine feeling of appreciation or care for someone or something in your life.  Focus on the good heart feeling as you continue to breathe through the area of your heart.

Connecting to my Heart's Intelligence

improving your life and your family's life, with knowledge and understanding of your heart's intelligence!

Energy Healing techniques will help you live a more fulfilling life from your heart.

My Heart Within