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June Schamp, Skin & Body Careis located in Dover, Delaware and is a unique Holistic Skin & Body Day Spa and Spirit Spa that offers pampering  and healing treatments and techniques to bring about a more beautiful you inside and out.e
June Schamp, B.S., L.C. formerly of England, specializes in Holistic Skin and Body Spa Treatments and Techniques and offers Body-Centered Energy Work, Reiki Healings, Crystal Healings and Coaching Programs.  June has traveled to many areas of the United States to receive her training in Aromatherapy, Spa Treatments, and Facials and earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Brennan Healing Science from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a specialized college for the study of hands-on-healing and personal transformation. 
William Rand , TRM of the Usui Natural System of Spiritual Healing certified June in 1995 as a Reiki Master.  June also trained with Katrina Raphael, author and lecturer in Crystal Healing.  She is a Universal Life Church Minister, Delaware Licensed Cosmetologist, Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, Hado Instructor, (certified by Dr. Masaru Emoto author of the Hidden Messages in Water) and a Licensed HeartMath Coach.

Disclaimer:  All services and sessions offered are intended to beautify, relax and bring about a sense of well-being and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical treatments for any condition, medical or otherwise.  Please check with your physician prior to any service.

Feet Retreat

A special Spa Treatment for the feet, the most neglected part of your body.

  • Relaxes body and mind.
  • Release swelling and water retention in the skin tissues of the feet.
  • Tones skin on your feet.
  • Balances and tones the energy circulation of the body.
  • May reduce aches and pains in your feet.
  • May relieve dry, cracked skin leaving your feet refreshed and renewed.

FEE:  $35.00

Body Buffing

Body Buffing removes dead cells from the surface of the skin leaving your skin smooth and silky.

  •   Stimulates circulation and cell regeneration.
  •  Skin  feels alive and renewed.
  •  Encourage all functions of the skin to work more efficiently.
  •  Exfoliates.

This treatment provides moisture to the skin and leaves you looking your best.  (For greater benefits combine Body Buffing with the Aromatherapy Spa Treatment).  Feel healthy, pampered and incredibly relaxed.

FEE:  $40.00


This exclusive, intensive facialcombines with Lyphobiology to produce dramatically improved skin.

  • Provides a healthy, radiant glow  and restores hydration.
  • Minimizes lines and wrinkles.
  • Prevention and improvement of sagging, sun damaged skin.
  • Corrects post surgical bruising and swelling.

Subtle aromatherapy scents combined with natural creams and lotions offers you the most relaxing and pleasurable facial you have ever experienced.  See and feel the rejuvination of your facial skin.

FEE:  $65.00


Spa Aromatherapy

Fragrant tonics of plants and flowers have healing energies within that bring comfort to the entire body.  Each fragrant tonic has its own unique frequency of energy , healing properties and fragrance.

  • A revitalizing experience excites and awakens your cells.
  • May relieve aches and pains .
  • Increases blood flow to your skin.
  • Absorbs waste products and improves lymphatic circulation.
  • Extremely soothing and relaxing. 

These fragrant tonics applied to the skin gives you beauty, joy, lifts your spirit and seem to awaken innate healing capabilities in our bodies.

FEE:  $60.00

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