improving your life and your family's life, with knowledge and understanding of your heart's intelligence!

Energy Healing techniques will help you live a more fulfilling life from your heart.

My Heart Within

Holistic healings break through energy blocks that limit your full expression and enjoyment of life.

Energy Healings

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Learn about the restorative powers of your heart.  Viewing this Slide Show can change your life.  Click below to expand.

Learn how to connect to your heart's intelligence and experience loving guidance. Become the master of your life.

Can coaching sessions help all members of my family?  Can coaching help their physical health, emotional well-being and intellectual ability? For June's story and Deborah Rozman, Ph.D.'s story and more..                    

June Schamp,  offers Energy Healing Techniques to Improve Your Life and Your Family's Life With Knowledge and Understanding of Your Heart's Intelligence. FREE CONSULTATION, No Obligation!

  • I enjoyed Voyage to Heart Intelligence Program.  The practical tools, techniques and technologies help me maintain peace and harmony during these trying times ..... lgk, Sudlersville, MD
  • The Voyage to Heart Program has been a life changing experience for me.  I have reduced my stress, improved my health and have more patience ..... SB, Dover  DE
  • June's coaching has helped me establish coherence and reduce the static created by my mind.  I am now living a more heart-centered life.  .... PBS, Rehoboth Beach  DE


​Create balance in your body systems and achieve greater flexibility, adaptability and health.

Journey to Health

Reduce your stress, increase your vitality and improve your health and well-being.



Identify what blocks you from the life you want--your personal dreams, mission and goals.


is more important

than you and your family!

Voyage to your Heart